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How to Introduce Red Wiggler Worms to Your Garden


Red wiggler worms are effective agents for loosening and aerating soil.  Their tunnels allow oxygen to reach plant roots, produce softer soil and increase water retention.  On top of that, as an red wiggler worms feed, they excrete worm castings. Their tunnels then become lined with the wonderful, nutritious fertilizer otherwise unavailable to plants.

Below is a simple way to introduce red wiggler worms to your garden, just in time for your spring and summer produce!

  1. Dig several holes, roughly ½ ft. in diameter and 1 ft. deep, throughout your garden. 
  2. Soak the holes with water and let drain.
  3. Put some food scraps, garden waste or compost in the holes and then add a handful of worms. This gives your worms a starting amount of food to eat and convert to castings, which in turn helps increase worm reproduction and speed up soil improvement.
  4. Loosely fill the holes with dirt or compost.
  5. Keep the area well watered. This prevents the worms from having to burrow deep into the ground for moisture--especially during the hot summer months. You want to keep the worms as close as possible to the plant roots so their work can benefit your plants.

 Congratulations! You've just introduced new BFFs to your beautiful garden! 


Warning: If you have a high worm population in your garden, make sure to use only low-nitrogen fertilizer.  Worms also produce nitrogen, and too much of this nutrient can be harmful to some plants.

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