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How to Keep Your Worms Happy

Below are 3 tips on providing the best environment for your pet worms. Why is that important? Well, they are vermicomposting your kitchen scraps into nutritious soil for your garden, and keeping them comfortable will enhance your production.  


Do NOT keep your worm bin in direct sunlight. Although earthworms can stand heat, they cannot survive in extreme temperatures. They thrive best in cool temperatures. Ideal indoor locations are in your basement, closet and under the kitchen sink. Outdoors, the ideal location would be under the shade.


Make sure to keep the bedding moist at all times. Keep a spray bottle of water at hand to spritz the bedding as necessary. Occasionally touch the top of the soil to see if it's getting dry and, if so, give the top of the soil a few sprays of water.  


Every week or two, lightly toss the bedding so it's nice and fluffy. Earthworms absorb oxygen through their bodies, and this process allows sufficient oxygen to be throughout the bedding.

With just a little extra effort for your vermicomposting bins, your worms should breed at a much more rapid rate. Now go make your little casting-makers comfy!


Refer to our blog article "What to Feed Your Worms" for a list on what foods you can and cannot feed your worms.

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