Worm Castings & Earthworms
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Presentation to PreSchoolers

Last week, we had the pleasure of doing a presentation to preschool children on worm castings and the benefits of composting!  

The presentation was conducted to adorable 3 to 4 1/2 year old children at Sherman Oaks Cooperative Nursery School, a school that has been around since 1955 and runs most of its activities and classrooms outdoors.  We just love that this preschool teaches its kids through hands-on activities and gets them involved with the environment at such an early stage!  Given how our society is so engulfed in technology these days, teaching the new generation to spend time outside and learn to take care of our environment is something we wholeheartedly support.  

For the presentation, we brought one of our DIY worm bins to demonstrate how the entire process works as well as different types of food and items that the worms eat, including watermelon rinds, eggshells and newspaper.  As most people are, the kids were surprised that worms can eat newspaper!  Even the paper muffin cups that were used to distribute gummy worms to the kids were fed to the worms.  

At the end, we gave each of the kids a worm and castings to introduce into the school's organic garden.  We were extremely proud that all of the kids were not only brave enough to hold worms in their bare hands, they were excited to!  

Above: Adorable and creative paintings of worms by the kids. 

Above: Grossed out yet fascinated by slimy worms! 

Above: Learning about how the process of creating worm castings works and what the worms can and can't eat. 

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