Worm Castings & Earthworms
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Welcome to The Dirt Bag Co, a worm castings company working to turn food scraps from our local Los Angeles and Orange County communities into organic, sustainable gardening products.
It all started when two native Californians in their 20's noticed how much food was being wasted in their home kitchens. Food scraps from cooking a simple meal, vegetables and fruits that had gone bad, the leftover pulp from juicing...
They began to research how to recycle food waste. They learned about vermicompost--the process of composting using earthworms to produce nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer. So, with a box of earthworms and a few bins, they set up a mini worm farm in their backyards.
As the business grows, the plan is to collect more and more food waste from the community to recycle, with the goal in mind to divert waste from landfills and help create a sustainable community, one worm poop at a time.